Draft Maps

What do you think of the Draft Maps?
Now that they are posted, the Council wants to hear what you like and dislike about each map.

The Council wants to know not just which map(s) you like or dislike, but why you feel that way about each map. These are the first drafts, not necessarily the final maps, and future versions can include revisions aimed at addressing the concerns raised by residents.

Please take the time to look at them and share your thoughts, either before or at one of the upcoming Council hearings.

And, as a reminder, you can still draw your own revisions to any of the posted Draft Maps. See the “Draw a Map” page for instructions and data to do so.

Interactive review map: (This link takes you to a website where you can view all of the maps and zoom in and out to see the map details.)

Each of the draft maps is posted to the Interactive Review Map link above, and available in PDF format for viewing or printing at the following links.

The PDF maps also include demographic profiles for each district in each map, and the proposed election year sequence for each map, which currently are the same for maps 501 – 503: 2020 elections for Districts 2 and 4, and 2022 elections for Districts 1, 3 and 5.

Draft map Lerohl 1 (a 4-district map that is not quite population balanced)

Draft map Estrella 1 (a single-district map, designed to be included in a 5-district map)

Draft map 501 (5 districts)

Draft map 502 (5 districts)

Draft map 503 (5 districts)

Draft map 504 (5 districts) Added 11/21/2019

Draft map 505 (5 districts) Added 11/21/2019

NEW: Draft map 505b (5 districts) Added 12/2/2019

NEW: Draft map FSIA 1 (5 districts) Added 12/2/2019 Submitted by the Fairmont Subdivisions Improvement Association (FSIA)